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    The forthcoming Panoptes Sound Works Youtube channel will feature demos, tutorials, and reviews of gear and concepts related to sound design and pro audio.

  • About Me

    Hello! My name is Julian Szuscik and I am the creator of Panoptes Sound Works. I am a first-generation American with Polish ancestry. I developed my ear early on by playing musical instruments and learning various languages. Around my sophomore year of high school, I discovered digital audio workstations and synthesizers; the two fused my love for computers and music... the rest was history.

    Because my dream is to become a leader of a sound team one day, I find being well rounded and versed to be very important. In college, I explored the various disciplines audio professionals occupy. My favorite classes hands down were those taught in the interactive audio and audio for visual media departments. I also had the unique opportunity to complement my studio recording classes with an internship at Carnegie Hall which in turn exposed me to orchestral and chamber music recording. After finishing school, I worked as a technician fixing tube amplifiers, digital keyboards, turntables, and other music technology related items.

    When it comes to audio, I take pride in the fact that my work is done without the use of presets. Creating from scratch, although tedious and discouraging at times, ensures unique outcomes and nothing feels better than knowing that your work is truly of your own doing. I have taken understanding the ins and outs of what I do to the extreme by delving into what goes on underneath the hood of the circuitry and software tools I use. I have soldered together euro-rack modules, drum machines, and programmed plug-ins using object-oriented languages such as MaxMSP.

    Now I am looking for a new home. I would love to be part of a passionate and talented team whose collective aims are to produce something spectacular. I yearn to be in the company of professionals who I can learn from and prove myself to, whilst climbing the hierarchy of competency.


  • The Modular Approach

    I'm a big synth geek and am not sure when I will manage to stop expanding my collection.

    Underneath the hood. Electronics, Circuits, Soldering...

    Although I've had no formal background in electronics, I've always been interested in how things work. This along with some inspiration from a friend, who built a cool device, led me to pick up soldering. My first job out of college was as an entry-level music technology technician fixing tube amps, turntables, and digital keyboards.

    Booming the Pole

    This is me recording audio for Red Zeppelin Production's The Charles Effect

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